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Celebrating 10 years of service as non-profit organization 2007-2017
Maria Guerrero founded Women in the Arts in 2007 as a 501(c)3 non-profit organization in advancement of the arts, with the support of the first board of directors and Fr. Andy O'Reilly, the pastor at her Orlando parish, St. Andrew Catholic Church.
A spiritual call

"The decision to establish Women in the Arts was my response to a spiritual call to serve by bringing recognition to the talent and work of women artists and to provide access to free art education, especially to children. There are different kinds of poverty and the lack of access and exposure to the arts constitutes a form of intellectual poverty which Women in the Arts seeks to address.

The letters of Pope St. John Paul II to women and artists had a great impact on me. They clarified the need I could see, still present, for access to the arts and for the recognition of women artists. His expression of gratitude and appreciation calling to action community and religious leaders and the public to support the dignity of the work of artists and women initiated the response which formed the basis of the mission at Women in the Arts"

Maria Guerrero

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