Cathy Berse -- Oil Painting en Plein Air

About the Artist
I am a 34-year resident of New Smyrna Beach Florida. I attended the University of Wisconsin, the University of Tennessee, and Milwaukee Area Technical College. In years past I have worked as a graphic designer, painted murals across the United States, and taught for Dayton Beach Community College, Janet Browning School of the Arts, Artists' Workshop Inc., and Atlantic Center for the Arts. I currently volunteer at an Art Out Reach Program at New Smyrna Beach Middle School.

Because I paint Plein Air my studio is generally outside. I begin a piece by arriving at a location with a stretched gallery-wrapped canvas which has been painted with a golden color. This will give my painting a warm undertone. I quickly scope out the scene to paint as the light changes by the minute. I want to capture the shadows cast by the sun. I take a deep breath, dip my brush in my oil paints and begin to enjoy the experience. If I am traveling and my oil paints are not with me I carry a small watercolor set up to capture the far away places. It is my goal to share the beauty of nature with the viewers no matter where I am.