Painting Demo by Ken Harris

Kenneth was born and grew up in the Island nation of Jamaica, where he took an interest in Art at an early age in school. He has won numerous Art awards, including the Jamaica National Poster Competition for High Schools nationwide. He also started making picture frames while in school.

Although Kenneth's parents could not afford to finance his education further, it did not deter him. He became a working Artist in his senior year in High School by marketing his own paintings in the local community. After graduating from High School, he decided to make a career out of what he learned in school while practicing the various techniques. Along with painting and making picture frames, Kenneth took an interest in pottery and worked at a ceramic production facility for a number of years. In 1988, he caught the eyes of world-renowned Potter Heidi Kippenberg after producing some very fine ceramic products. Heidi invited Kenneth to join her in her country, which was West Germany at the time. There, we produced ceramic products for exhibition and sales.

After returning to Jamaica, Kenneth continued to paint and market his Artworks. He exhibited multiple times at the local library as well as various banks and credit unions in his hometown of Port Antonio. During the summer breaks, Kenneth volunteered to teach the younger kids the various techniques in painting that he had developed over the years.

Kenneth worked for the cruise industry for a number of years, yet he never gave up on his Art. While on board the cruise ships, he painted commission art and produced note cards.

Kenneth migrated to Florida in 1997, never giving up his passion for Art. Instead, he continues to produce and market his Art. He has worked in the framing departments at Pearl Art & Craft store, where he framed other Artists' works, including Sharon Hunt, whose artwork Kenneth is still framing.

Kenneth has been actively engaged in the community, promoting his art and that of other local artists. He has exhibited on many occasions, including the annual Journey To Recovery-Art Heals fund-raising campaign, which raises awareness of the Healing Power of Art. He created and managed the P.O.W. (Pastel Oil Watercolor) Artists group, which includes all mediums and photography. He is actively engaged in various community projects, including supporting local charities. He is the owner of JamArt Framing & Gallery, located at 304 Live Oaks Blvd, Casselberry, Florida 32707. Business Website:

Kenneth's love for Art and commitment to raising Art Healing awareness in the community is the foremost focus in his life.