"Plaster Casting of Paris hands" - Jesus Marin

Jesus Marin moved to Orlando Florida in 1995 for a new challenge. He wanted to continue his professional career as an Art educator and 3D Artist and work in his skills such as woodwork, resin art, clay, and plaster. Conceptual sculptures are a recent addition to his repertoire. Dreams and visions bombarded him starting in 2003 birthing a love for Christian art and providing yet another avenue to create masterpieces. The most intention behind his craft is telling a story with any material possible. Behind each piece is a story to tell a vision to complete is a Mission to create and mark this planet with our gift ...our art ...our đź’•hearts!

Website: photos.google.com/share/AF1QipMZo7MHPIFF2gem_WT3sHgZbwamh02cxfOvWAuI8CzAX3JVwSB7gegerE_-BtSZHQ?pli=1&key=OGdSRW9lZEkyR21ldkZKQWF1SW5ETFVlbVB1MzR3