Plein Air Event Right after the monthly meeting

Our event is called a plein air event but everyone is welcome. This is also a perfect opportunity to come and take photographs or just sketch. You could also do detailed sketches or thumbnail sketches to go with your photographs.

Water-more than you think
Bug repellant
Go bag- things you're going to need right away to get started
Carrier/backpack/tote bag/Tackle box
Easel & weights
Sketching tools
Small sketchbook/notebook
Ground cloth
Lunch &wipes
Business cards
Name tag
Handouts, upcoming show info, flyers
Images of other work you might have for sale
Garbage bag

Environment can be overwhelming! Isolate what you want to paint.
Use a viewfinder… gray one, acetate/frame/dry erase marker.
Try set up at home. It’s so easy to forget something important.
Work small and quick.
Get down darks and lights first as light is constantly changing.
Take photos right away to get down lights & darks
Check where the sun is and will be. Pick a shady spot if possible and check to see sun will not end up on your canvas.
An umbrella attached to your easel can be caught by the wind and tip everything over. Weights… water jugs.
Don’t expect to create a masterpiece, just enjoy the experience.
Don’t forget to breathe!
Stay hydrated!
Expect the public to stop to talk and ask questions, maybe even want to buy your piece (even unfinished!) Quandary… price & sell unfinished?
Present yourself very professionally
You might have the following: Name tag, business cards, handouts, upcoming shows flyer, etc. It’s good to give viewers something by which to remember you & art work