SSAA Monthly Meeting

Mike Bisceglia retired from 43 years of high school physical education and football coaching. He decided to pursue activities that were less demanding and more relaxing like Yoga, Tai chi, and painting watercolor. His first watercolor class was at Seminole Community College. He was intrigued with the flowing, translucent qualities of painting with watercolors. That class sparked his interest in using watercolors and he took several classes and workshops with prominent local artists. He began painting with art groups at the Winter Springs Senior Center and the Casselberry Art House, then joined the Central Florida Watercolor Society. He is the past president of the Sanford Seminole Art Association.
Mike has developed a unique style by using liquid watercolors and various texture techniques to add interest to his art. He will be demonstrating 8 watercolor techniques They include using salt, alcohol, or clear water on wet watercolor wash, placing plastic on wet watercolor wash and removing when dry, painting over mesh drywell tape, using a resist, sponging, stamping, fiber paste, and soap bubbles. His paintings have been exhibited at galleries and art venues in Central Florida. He plans to continue exploring the various techniques using watercolors. He sums it up with “Painting has been a rewarding and pleasurable experience.”
The demonstration will follow a brief meeting of the Sanford Seminole Art Association monthly meeting. It is FREE and OPEN TO THE PUBLIC. Light refreshments will be served.

October 27, 2018 1:00 p.m.