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Francine Levy was born in Belgium and studied Fine Art and the history of Art and Costume in Brussels where she graduated in fashion design.

She worked as a designer planning fashion shows for an "Haute Couture" House.

She met her American husband at an International Conference in Sweden and from then on started a real adventure.

They lived on three continents, discovering new cultures which constituted the spark that ignited her creativity and the desire to express on canvas or paper the beauty that surrounded her and enriched her life.

She lived in Belgium, France, Kenya and the United States, traveling throughout Europe, the Americas, the Middle East and the Caribbeans. She painted on location in "Plein-Air" as well as in her studio, with the rich visual memories of her many travels.

She admires the beauty of nature and cannot imagine a more wonderful feeling than drawing or painting in a peaceful surrounding. Nature is like a spiritual retreat where she paints landscapes, seascapes and historical sites.

Her art is realistic and worked with acrylics but now uses the wonderful medium of pastels with its vibrant colors and pure pigments.

She has shown her work in one of the main galleries in Nairobi, Kenya and, while living there, created artwork commissioned by executives from various parts of the world. In the US, she has shown her work in art galleries, participated in many events and Art shows throughout Florida and won numerous awards.

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